To create a new Field Service Report with Time2L, please follow the intructions above: 

  1. Open Time2L Tracker on your mobile device
  2. Optional: Create a new timesheet (--> How to create a timesheet?
  3. Open the menu and click on Approvals
  4. Select the tab "Service Report"
  5. Pick the first entry of the list, to create a Field Service Report for the corresponding project. Please note that after picking the first entry, the list will be filtered accordingly to the first project selected
  6. Optional: Pick further entries that complement the Field Service Report
  7. Click on "Add to Report"  
  8. Review the data shown on the screen, especially working time, employees, used materials and recorded machine hours. Please note: You can edit the data shown by using the pen icon (--> Can I make changes on the FSR after completing the job?)
  9. Click on "Sign on Screen" 
  10. Enter the requested data and click on "Next" Please pay close attention to enter the correct email address of the client, as the report will only be sent to this address
  11. Hand over your mobile device to the client so they can sign-off. After that click on "Confirmation" 
  12. You will see a confirmation message on the screen and the client will instantly receive the mail with the FSR attached