Note: You must first activate NFC on your smart device. You can do this in the settings. If your device doesn't support NFC, you can connect an NFC reader via Bluetooth to perform the scanning. Finally, to be able to clock in/out an asset, you must have assigned an NFC tag ID in the Portal>Assets. Click here to learn how.

You must use the Time2L swipe feature to clock-in an asset. Follow the steps below.

1. Open the tracker on your smartphone and click on Teams and Assets


2. Then click on Assets

3. Select a Project. 

4. Add notes if you like. 

5. Then swipe the NFC tag assigned to the asset with your smartphone to clock it in.

6. Once you swipe the NFC tag, the screen confirms that the asset had been clocked-in.

7. Click Close me

To learn how to clock-out an asset, click here.