NOTE: You must be clocked in to use this feature.

NOTE: If you switch projects, you will need to take a new photo if one is required, as the photos will not transfer when you switch projects.

Attach Photo(s)

1. In the Tracker, select "Timesheet" or "Manual Timesheet" and choose a project

2. Click Clock In (if using automatic Timesheet)

3. Select the "PHOTOS" Option

4. Using the front or back camera of you phone, click "Take photo." The photo will appear on your screen. 

  1. If you wish to replace the photo you've just taken, simply select the photo and click "Take photo" again. The old photo has now been replaced with the new photo. 
  2. To add aditional photos, simply click "Take photo" again. You can attach as many photos as you wish.

5. Once you have finished taking photos, click "Done." The photos have now been added to your current project. 

Review Photo(s)

After you have clocked out, your pictures will appear in the portal in "Timesheets" under the "Attachement" tab.